The Importance of Laminating

Adding Value to your printed graphics

Whether it be a gloss laminate to increase saturation and depth of colours or a matt finish to softens colours and contracts and provide a non-reflective finish; a laminated image can enhance the quality of your print.

Laminated prints will also provide a protection to your prints and safe guard your artwork from scratching and chemicals. It will also protect your print from graffiti and provide a non-slip textured surface for floor graphics.

A laminated print is also a lot easier to install. This is very handy if you plan on moving or re-using you print also. It will make your print stronger and more durable, more suitable for transport and moving.

Laminates can also be UV resistant which will greatly assist prints that are displayed or mounted outside. This will increase the life of your print and protect your investment. The right laminate enhances the aesthetic, durability, and functionality of any graphic installation.

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