Coffee is life.

Who doesn't love a great coffee?

Coffee brings people together, gives you an engerised start to the day and according to some articles I’ve read, even makes you a better person!

Our Australian coffee culture is growing everyday and so are the number of coffee specialty stores. so in an ever expanding market, how can your specialty store standout?

Get creative and quirky.

In this blog, we have shared some of our favorites. Feature a wall with a custom printed designed wallpaper to represent the your unique coffee signature. Add coffee shop window & floor decals and even create personalized stencils of your logo to sprinkle on top of your coffees.

The possibilities are endless!

Personally brand every aspect of your store to you and your business to create an experience uniquely yours

Like what you see?

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Colour Psychology

Use colour psychology for your brand, logo and marketing

How a brand is preserved visually is very important and can effects a clients position to buy.

Statistics report that, how your client feels about your brand usually trumps what they think  about your brand.

Colours create an emotional reaction in people and research shows that consumers are influenced by colour.

Here is a guide from some studies that we read and agree with, supported by other brands and examples:


Emotion Guide: Optimism, clarity and warmth

Used by companies such as: Hertz, Shell Petrol, Subway, IMDb, National Geographic, Nikon, UPS, DHL and of course, the golden arches of McDonald’s.


Emotion Guide: Friendly, cheerful and confidence
Nickelodeon, Hooters, Amazon, Fanta, Crush, Amazon, Firefox.


Emotion Guide: Excitement, youthful and bold.
Used by companies such as: Kellogg’s, Kmart, CNN, Virgin Airlines, Target, AVIS, Nintendo, Canon, KFC, Pinterest and of course, Coca-Cola.


Emotion Guide: Creative, Imaginative and wise.

Used by companies such as: Starlight Foundation, Barbie, Yahoo, Taco Bell, Cadbury Chocolate, LYNX, SyFy (Foxtel TV Channel) and Hallmark.


Emotion Guide: Trust, Dependable and strength

Used by companies such as: Twitter, Dell, American Express, HP, Oreo, Facebook, Volkswagon, Oral-B, Vimeo, Walmart and WordPress.


Emotion Guide: Balance, Neutral and calm

Used by companies such as: Apple, Telegraph Newspaper, Hyundai, Wikipedia, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Puma and Cartoon Network.

Multiple Colours

Emotion Guide: Diversity
Used by companies such as: NBC, Google, Windows and eBay.

Custom Wallpaper Finishes

Set the mood of any room.

Add culture and create the mood in a dull space with these new creative wallpaper finishes.

image via pixabay

Check out some of the new products and finishes for interior decorative film from our suppliers. 

Talk to our friendly team today and view our wide range of available finishes and prints options for vinyl wallpapers. We offer stick and peel options as well as laminated wallpaper prints to protect the life and wear of your wallpaper.