Vehicle Wraps

Our Wraps

The film we use for our vehicle wraps is produced by Avery Dennison.  It is rigorously tested.  The satin finish gives market leading durability.  It has clean long term removability and a colour matching service to virtually any colour you like.  There is a complete range of finishes from glass, satin, matte, iridescent, pastels, diamonds, metallic & chromes.

You can choose between a colour change wrap or a printable wrap.

Colour change car wrap films are the ideal solution to alter the overall look of any vehicle. Enables you to create a truly distinctive look for your vehicle with these innovative wrap films. 

The printed car wrap applications are totally unique and personalised to you.  They feature excellent performance and durability at an affordable price. Research has shown that outdoor mobile advertising has a high recall rate. Car wrap applications are therefore the ideal solution to turn any vehicle into a moving advertisement for your business.

Film Features

• Superior Supercast vinyl
• Easy Apply RS™ permanent adhesive
• Excellent long term removability
• Superior conformability on concave, convex and compound curves

Guarantees/ Warranties on our film
• Up to 10 years durability for standard gloss, matte and satin
• Up to 5 years durability for metallics, pearlescents, brushed, carbon fibre, Giovanna, Justin Pate and Diamond colours
• Up to 4 years durability for ColorFlow colours
• Up to 3 years durability for Chrome colours

Our Installers

We have a team of in-house wrap specialists  based in Brisbane, plus a network of vetted contractors nationwide.

Our Pricing

The cost of car wrapping differs for every vehicle body, style and size.  The price will also be dependent on coverage – a full vehicle wrap, a partial wrap or accents.  Please contact us for a quote.

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We would love to talk you through all the options.






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