Illuminated Signs


Opal Acrylic – limited only by size! This option is perfect for any light box under 3mx1.2m

Flexface – for larger Lightbox signs we would recommend using flex face.  We can print your image onto a roll of this translucent material, which is then stretched over the LED lit base to give you a seamless finish to your sign.

Illuminated Letters

3D Illuminated letters signage
  1. Choose your material preference – acrylic, timber, or metal.
  2. Choose your style of illumination.

Acrylic Lit 

The starting point of Illuminated Letters.  The sign is made from translucent acrylic, illuminated with LED lights and will glow from the face and the sides of the letters.

Front Lit 

The letters are made from a translucent acrylic, edged in aluminium, to ensure the light beams out from the face of your sign only.

Edge Lit

The sides of edge lit illuminated signs are made from a translucent acrylic, while the face of your letter is made of, or covered with, a non translucent material.

Halo Lit

This is a solid letter, made of non translucent materials. The LED lights are then placed to face the wall behind the letter(s) giving a light that glows from behind the letters.

or a combination of all 3!

We like options! You can mix front lit, edge lit and halo lit! Have one, two or all three!

LED Neon

Weather resistant, in a large range of colours, LED Neon can be transformed into your logo, name, or favourite phrase.

It is easy to transport and install, and is guaranteed to attract

The options are almost endless, so let our team at FWD help you decide on the perfect Illuminated sign for you.

Our signs are made to measure.  Dependent on the look you are after, the size, and position of your sign, we may recommend variations in material and illumination.

We use the latest environmentally friendly energy efficient LED technology in many of our signs, which offer cheaper running costs, improved illumination output, increased longevity and minimal maintenance.

Illuminated signs created by FWD:

Flexface Light box

Front Lit

Edge Lit

LED Neon

Combination - Front & Halo

Halo Lit

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