Remax Charity Gala

The Remax Charity Gala Event

Fireworks Digital’s, Steve and Kerry-Anne proud sponsors to raise money and awareness for Branches Lifestyle Support Pty Ltd

On Saturday, 2nd of June, Remax Advantage held their charity gala at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron to raise awareness and money for an amazing cause.

Remax Advantage who is based in Wynnum, created the event with the vision to bring the community together to support Branches Lifestyle Support. The sold out event was a huge success and raised a massive $50,070! 

Remax Advantage has been operating for 18 years and has been a long time client of Fireworks Digital. We were more than happy to be a part of such a worthy cause. Fireworks Digital also contributed a few items for auction with the proceeds going to Branches Lifestyle Support.

Congratulations to Remax Advantage for a truly wonderful event and to the local community for being so generous. It was a fun evening of laughing with old friends and making new ones, tasty food and great live music!

We will see you next year!

Scroll down to see more photos of the night that was!


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A night of laughter and celebration.

Wrap It in Vinyl: Vehicle Graphics for Small Business

Vehicle wraps or ‘vinyl wraps’ as they are also called have seen a noticeable jump in popularity in the last 3 years. Years prior to this, the common vehicle wrap customers were large businesses looking to create basic fleet wraps across their vehicles and a handful of car enthusiasts looking to customise their ride.

Now, we are seeing more and more medium and small businesses request both partial and full wraps services for their small fleets and private cars as a way to advertise their business. So why are more start up owners opting for this sort of advertising and how is it beneficial to small businesses?

Hit the ground running as a new business

When you’re just starting out, one of the biggest hurdles for a lot of small businesses is lack of awareness and presence in their market. No one knows who you are just yet and your yet to establish yourself in your industry. Market your name while you travel and leave thousands of positive impressions daily with potential clients. It’s about creating awareness and letting your future clients know that you are here and functioning, ready to take on new business.

Get people’s attention

Unlike a traditional billboard that is mounted to a single location, a striking travelling vehicle wrap can serve as a moving billboard no matter where you travel! Create an eye-catching design that communicates your company, service or product.

Vehicle advertising is low-cost mobile solution that will not only increase your company’s profile, daily impressions and brand awareness.

24/7 Promotion

So you already have employees running around in a van, truck, motorbike, bus or car. Why not capitalise on their travel and promote your company every chance you can! We work in a competitive environment and the more your service, product or company is exposed to potential customers, the better! The more positive impressions you leave, the higher the chance that people will think of you next time they are in need of your service.

Car Advertising Statistics

According to, a recent Trucking Association’s study examined both drivers and pedestrians responses to vehicle wraps:

– 98% said vehicle graphics created a positive image for the company
–  A massive 96% believed a billboard was not as effective as a vehicle wrap
– 75% of people surveyed said that they developed an impression about a business and it’s products from a vehicle wrap and 29% said their decision to buy was based on that impression.

More Statistics

In America, the OAAA has gathered some interesting car advertising statistics reporting that:

– Fleet vehicle ads have proven to boost brand recognition up to 15 times greater than more common advertising media options.
– Focusing on the average daily travel of Americans, the OAAA estimate that a vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 daily impressions.
Imagine that amount of positive daily impressions for your company from simply driving to and from appointments, deliveries or meetings!

Cheapest Advertising Solution for Small Businesses

The CPT (cost per thousand) on impressions for vehicle advertising in comparison to alternative marketing avenues like billboard, radio, newspaper, TV advertising etc., is considerably lower (which is great for small businesses on a tight budget!). You can’t change the channel on a car your stuck behind or easily mishear what a business is about if you can read it in plain sight.

Brand Recognition

Not driving your car as much? Some sources say that when your vehicle is parked, your car advertisement is even more powerful. Think of it more like this:

If you drive your wrapped vehicle home at the end of the day or back to the office, the people in those areas will become familiar with your brand. They will automatically trust your brand more and are far more likely to remember your company when they need your service. The more vehicles you can wrap, the more opportunities you have to create positive brand awareness.

The Verdict

At Fireworks Digital, we have heard countless stories of how our wraps have helped our customers create engaging vehicle advertisements and it has resulting in greater brand awareness and orders for their business. We are hearing more and more that “our client saw one of our cars on the road and gave us a call”.

It’s important that you do your research when choosing your vehicle wrap supplier. Make sure you use a professional and experienced service when it comes to the planning, design and application of your vinyl wrap. Click here for more articles on vinyl wraps.


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See our clients vehicle wraps:


Wrap It in Vinyl #1

Vinyl Wrap Proof for Fireworks Ute

The application of vinyl car wraps to vehicles (or vehicle wrapping) is becoming significantly popular among both businesses and private consumers as a means of branding, customizing or refreshing your vehicle’s look.

So why are people opting for this option over the traditional repaint? Here are our reasons why:

Saving your $$$

You could be looking at big money for a high-end paint job. At Fireworks Digital, we can provide your vehicle with a high-end vinyl wrap at the fraction of the cost. Depending on your budget, you could spend minimal costs on a half wrap or only apply small decals on the vehicle in certain areas i.e. back window one-way vision or driver’s door etc. Even if you wanted to opt for a full wrap service and cover most of the vehicle surface, it would still most likely be cheaper than a paint job.

No wait times

Unlike a repaint, where you can be waiting weeks to use your car again, a vehicle wrap with Fireworks Digital is quick and easy. Our expert team can assist you from design, print and application with a super-fast turnaround time to suit you and your business.

Design something entirely yours!

Completely customisable and personalised to what you want. Choose your colour, your finish and any design or pattern you desire. With all this flexibility, you won’t see anyone else with your tailored design and your vehicle will feature a wrap that is one of a kind! Vinyl wraps are idea for business owners

More freedom and flexibility

You can choose any hi-res image to print.

You can choose between either a gloss or a matte finish.

You can opt for a full car wrap or only apply vinyl in sections.

You can also continue your graphic / print across onto most windows with one-way vision.

Not only can you have whatever you like but if you want to change it over, it’s as easy as removing the graphic and applying a new. Or if you would like to revert to your original paint, you have the easy option to do so.

Maintain the original manufacturers paint

Temporarily change and customize your vehicles look while still protecting the original paint. Keeping the original manufacturers paint will help you maintain the value of your vehicle when you go to sell. Wrapping your vehicle gives you the freedom to update your look without it costing you value off the car.

Need more information?

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Partners in Print

Trade Partners in Print: Large Format Printing

At Fireworks Digital, we have numerous sign writers and on-sellers of print who employ our services to assist them in their large format printing needs.

With no branding options available as well, we can send straight to your client on your behalf!

Don’t have all the equipment to do the job? Partner with a company that does and offer your clients more! At Fireworks Digital, we are large format specialists with the ability to produce large scale banners, posters, flags, illuminated LED, media walls, pull up banners, stickers, wallpapers, sailtrack banners, acrylic prints, carpet prints, canvas prints, fabric printing, vehicle and vinyl wraps, pop up displays and temporary displays and signage as well as window frosting and decals + much, much more!


Send us an email to with your trade request. We look forward to hearing from you soon!