All New: Sneezsafe Sneeze Guards by FWD

Who said it had to be all doom and gloom? Encourage social distancing with the added creativity of clever design.

At FWD Fireworks Digital Signage Solutions, our creative team created their own version of a sneeze guard. The product has all the same protective features of a transparent acrylic sneeze guard and creates a barrier between you and your client. However, the ‘Sneezsafe’ sneeze guard is no where near as boring.

While we are enforcing social distancing, social channels like Instagram and Facebook have never been more important for businesses. These social networking streams are connecting businesses and their clients virtually after the point of sale. Every client that purchases from you, must pay at the checkout and so we thought this is the best space to advertise your social media (or really anything you desire) and engage with your client visually through effective printed media.

The ‘username’ can be changed to your own business Instagram and we can add/ replace text to help promote specials or discounts for connecting on social media platforms.

Perfect for a temporary use and cheaper than the acrylic alternatives. You can update and change this design as time goes on to reflect relevant promotions and sales. This standee is also transportable and easy to relocate unlike the acrylic alternate which is often drilled into a counter.

#Sneezsafe Sneeze Guard

A custom printed protective product before for this unprecedented times.

Specifications for safety:

Specifications for safety:

For more information on this product, please contact us on 07 3808 1800 or email us at [email protected]. We are still operational and able to produce one of or multiple quantities with a fast turnaround!