Custom wrapping paper is a great and cost-effective way to promote and add value to you and/or your client’s brand. Customers will associate wrapping paper with a gift and a gift is associated with warm, generous feelings. Overall, this gives your brand a joyous and positive image among your customers and all that see it.

It’s important to note that a lot of successful businesses opt for personalised wrapping or boxes for the transporting and packaging of their goods. Brands that offer various sided products might choose wrapping paper over boxes as it offers more versatility at a more affordable price. Depending on your business and what/ where you sell, you could potentially be creating thousands of impressions wherever your custom wrapping paper is going. Retail shopping centres, businesses in high trafficked area, large corporations all choosing to brand their packaging and wrap their products to promote their business. Many online businesses also see the value in custom printed wrapping paper and because their products are delivered direct to their customer, a ‘gifted’ presentation is often well received.

As we move into the silly season, custom gift-wrapping paper would be a great way to set your business apart and create more and more impressions for your business and products and promote your brand. Win your customer over with Christmas and festive patterns and create a positive customer experience that will leave an impression that lasts. At Fireworks, we see the demand in this product and starting now until the end of December, we are offering discounted prices on our custom wrapping paper range. Prices starting at $4.50* per metre of logo branded custom wrapping paper for your to wrap your gifts! Prices decrease for higher volumes, so contact us today if you are interested.

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