Trading Terms

  1. Quotations
    1.1 All prices quoted are based on work specified in the quote (or the verbal instructions given at time of order). Quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from their date. Quotes will be deemed accepted upon the Customer making an Order
    1.2 Prices quoted are based on the current cost of production, (materials, labour, machine time etc) and are subject to amendment by Fireworks Digital Printing before or after acceptance of the quotation to meet a variation in the cost of production between the date of quotation and the date of execution of the order, provided there is no unreasonable delay on the part of Fireworks Digital Printing.
  2. Customers Instructions
    2.1 Fireworks Digital Printing shall only be required to fulfil the instructions specified in the quote. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide full details of the requested products. That includes the type of finishing and the exact finishing size. The customer is responsible to provide written instructions at the time of quotation. Fireworks Digital Printing shall not be responsible for errors or omissions due to misinterpretation of verbal instructions.2.2 The cost of additions or alterations to any proof submitted to a customer will be added to the price (unless changes to the proof are merely typographical corrections).
  3. Urgent Delivery
    3.1 Customer acknowledges that a requirement for urgent delivery increases the likelihood of defects. Fireworks Digital printing will use reasonable efforts to avoid defects but will not be liable for defects arising because of urgent delivery.3.2 The price will be increased to cover overtime work or other additional costs incurred as a result of any requirement for urgent delivery.
  4. Suspension of Work
    4.1 The suspension by the customer of any work, for any reason whatsoever, for a period of thirty (30) days, entitles Fireworks Digital Printing to payment in full for the work completed up to the suspension date.
  5. Supplied Files
    5.1 Whilst all care is taken in checking your supplied files for file related errors that may reduce the quality of your job, Fireworks Digital Printing accepts no responsibility for files that are not print ready. To achieve our best service, jobs are submitted to us must be print ready.
  6. Cancelled Orders
    6.1 Orders cannot be cancelled except upon terms, which compensate Fireworks Digital Printing for all work done, materials used or specially acquired to complete the order, to the date of the cancellation.
  7. Payment
    7.1 Once the work is completed Fireworks Digital will invoice the customer for the quoted price plus any additional charges referred to above.7.2 All Invoices shall be paid COD unless you have an account agreed upon with Fireworks Digital Printing. Any credit arrangements will require an Account Application form to be completed and approved by Fireworks Digital.7.3 Fireworks Digital will use its best endeavours to deliver the correct quantity ordered however quantities will at all time be considered estimates only and are conditional upon a margin of five percent (5%) being allowed for overs or shortages, which shall be charged for or deducted as appropriate. 

    7.4 Fireworks Digital may at its option charge interest (at the rate of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia on overdrafts not exceeding $100,000 plus 3%) on amounts not paid when due, such interest is to be calculated on a daily basis from the date any such amount should have been paid until the date of payment as a genuine assessment of the damages which Fireworks Digital will suffer.

    7.5 If the customer fails to pay when due, Fireworks Digital Printing may contract with third parties to recover such payment, Fireworks Digital will be entitled to recover costs paid to such third party in addition to any other monies payable under these terms.

  8. Risk
    8.1 The goods are at the risk of Fireworks Digital until delivered to the customer by Fireworks Digital at its premises.8.2 Fireworks Digital shall not be liable for insurance, freight or loss or damage to goods in transit incurred in delivery.
  9. Claims
    9.1 The customer must inspect goods or services supplied by Fireworks Digital within 14 days from delivery. Any claims against Fireworks Digital must be in writing within such fourteen (14) days. No claims shall be made by the customer beyond this period.
  10. Non Payment
    10.1 Until the customer has paid all sums outstanding for the goods supplied, title to the goods shall not pass from Fireworks Digital Printing to the customer.10.2 If the customer has not paid all sums outstanding in relation to the goods, the customer must forthwith return the goods to Fireworks Digital if so directed by Fireworks Digital.
  11. Copyright
    11.1 Copyright in all artistic and literary works authored by Fireworks Digital shall remain the property of Fireworks Digital unless there is a written agreement to the contrary.11.2 The customer warrants to Fireworks Digital, that the customer has copyright in or a licence to authorise Fireworks Digital reproduce all artistic and literary works supplied by the customer to Fireworks Digital for the purpose of the Order. The Customer expressly authorises Fireworks Digital to reproduce all and any of such works for the purposes of the Order.11.3 The Customer indemnifies and agrees to keep Fireworks Digital Printing indemnified against all liability, losses or expenses incurred by Fireworks Digital in any way directly or indirectly connected with any breach of copyright in materials supplied by the customer. 

    11.4 Stock Photography Images used in artwork produced by and paid for by Fireworks Digital for the customer, are under a license agreement which is protected by International Copyright Laws. The terms and conditions of the license, grant Fireworks Digital use of the images for its customers. The images are strictly deemed not for redistribution or transfer. Therefore shall remain the property of Fireworks Digital and if the customer is to reproduce them by means of scanning or instructing others to do so, this will be in breach of copyright law.

  12. Confidentiality
    12.1 The customer must keep confidential and must not (without Fireworks Digital’s written consent) use any ideas, systems or processes communicated or made available by Fireworks Digital to the customer.
  13. Goods and Services Tax
    13.1 The customer will be liable for any goods and services tax payable on the supply of goods and/or services by Fireworks Digital to the customer.